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Photo Gallery from USA Trip 23/10/2002 to 2/11/2002




Jenny, Angelina, Brenda at Unity Awards Washington 26/10/02



Jenny, Dana, Brenda after Unity DC Awards, Washington DC 26/10/02



Brenda and Jenny, Bookmark Set at Eternal Word Television Alabama 29/10/02



Jenny, Fr Mitch Pacwa, Brenda at Network, EWTN  29/10/02



   13th November 2002


The success of the official introduction of The Rosary for Children, The Rosary for Youth, and the Stations of the Cross to the American scene through an invitation to attend the 2002 Unity Awards extended by the United Catholic Music and Video Association, comes as no surprise to those who are familiar with these recordings.

That invitation was given to the Western Australian creators of the recordings - Brenda Croft and Jenny Knight.

Australian Catholics and many Christians throughout the world have long recognised the great appeal of these three productions, which were made in Perth beginning with The Rosary for Children back in May 1998.

It was a whirlwind tour for Brenda and Jenny who during their several days in Washington DC and Alabama, distributed their promotional kits including CD’s and information to media, many local and international figures attending the Awards plus staff and guests at Mother Angelica’s EWTN network studio.

Here they were interviewed for the Bookmark program.

Brenda and Jenny were invited to attend the United Catholic Music and Video Association’s annual Unity Awards on 26 October 2002 held in Washington DC because their production The Rosary for Youth was a finalist in one of the categories, and they themselves were presenters.

Among their many highlights, they count the “overwhelming welcome we received as Australians when we were given the singular honour of presenting the first four category Awards.”

In the audience of several hundred were also dignitaries from the Church as well as representatives from the US Congress, the European Union, and many involved in the music and media industries.

Although Brenda and Jenny did not win their category on this occasion, they considered it was “a fantastic opportunity” to introduce to the people at large through numerous media interviews, including speaking to over a hundred school children, the outstanding attributes of their three recordings.

Describing as “inspiring” the work and quality of the UCMVA, whose mission is to spread God’s message of unity, love and evangelisation through authentic Catholic music and video, Brenda and Jenny are also excited by the professional high standard of the artists and their recordings.

“While there, we were exposed to an incredible depth of talent of artists from all over the world coming through, who performed at the Awards, including an Australian band who won the International Album of the Year category.

Through all this, Brenda and Jenny stated, with the talent and commitment they were exposed to, “we believe the Holy Spirit is really moving in an extraordinary way in all different artistic fields, and there is much hope and inspiration for the Catholic Church.”

Attending also was Dana Scallon, who won the Eurovision Award many years ago, and has since gone on to record numerous religious music CD’s including the Rosary and Stations of the Cross.

According to Brenda and Jenny, she appeared however very burdened with her responsibilities as the Irish representative on the European Union.

And asked specifically if they would ask their fellow Australians to pray fervently for God’s strength to continue her fight against the current spiritual warfare attacking Ireland and Europe in relation to abortion, human cloning, stem cell research, euthanasia, and all allied issues sacred to the Catholic Faith.

Prior to their USA trip, the Holy Father released his new document on the Rosary where he added five new Mysteries of Light, and proclaimed October 2002 to October 2003 as the Year of the Rosary.

Now revitalised from their tremendous experiences, Brenda and Jenny are already working on adding the new Luminous Mysteries to The Rosary for Children and The Rosary for Youth, which will be available by the end of January 2003.


13th October 2002